These are some frequently-asked questions:

What do I need to get started?

No knowledge or skills are needed to get started with this service. Subscribers get access to training that shows how to start from ground zero. You might get extra benefit if you already have a website since it would give you an outlet to immediately apply the knowledge you gain here, but it's not necessary to own a website.

The bottom line: if you are not an SEO expert and you want to learn how to become one, then all you need is a willingness to learn and you'll be well-equipped to benefit from this SEO training.

Will you be available to help with my website?

My main service is one that offers tutorials that show exactly how I generated $10 million of sales using SEO. It's intended to teach you how to do effective SEO on your own. With that service, I won't do the SEO work for you, but one of the best values of the service is that you can ask me any questions you want. This is a major difference between my SEO training service and others out there.

If you want someone to do the SEO work for you, then you can consider my full-service SEO package. I only take on a limited number of customers for that service.

What if I don't like the service?

No problem! You can cancel at any time. It's a recurring monthly fee, so just unsubscribe from future billings and you're out.

How long will it take for me to see results?

In short, it will probably take a while. In my experience, SEO work does not result in overnight success. It typically requires a long term effort. In the early stages it's like laying foundation, where you can't yet see the end result of the work, but where that foundation is crucial for the overall gameplan to be successful.

A lot also depends on you. I provide the SEO training to show exactly how I achieved SEO success, but the length of time it takes for you to see results will directly depend on how much you put into the process. SEO riches do not come for free; they require effort.

I am a beginner. Can I learn from this service?

Absolutely. I work hard to accommodate people of all experience levels. My goal is that each and every subscriber feels like they have everything they need to learn exactly how I achieved my SEO success.

And if any of my tutorials leave you with questions, you can always just contact me. I'll personally answer any questions that you have. Being able to directly communicate with me might be one of the most valuable parts of the service.

Do you guarantee I'll get more web traffic by using your service?

I do not guarantee that. For one, I don't control how dedicated you will be to accomplishing SEO success. But beyond that, the core purpose of this service is simply to teach you what I did to achieve SEO success. It does not mean I can guarantee any particular results for you or your website.

That said, I continue to have success by employing these methods for other websites, so I would be surprised if you didn't see results over time after using the SEO approach taught in this service.

Can I sign up and cancel the recurring payment right away to that I only pay for one month?

Yep, absolutely. The service I offer involves a recurring payment setup, but if you want to only pay for one month of access, you can sign up and then at any time simply cancel the service. You will still have access until the paid month ends. You can use that time to soak up as much of the educational content as you want from this service.