SEO Topics

At SEO Dude, you'll be getting SEO training from someone who is an expert on the topic.

Here are some of the key types of SEO topics I cover with my service:

On Page SEO

For any complete SEO strategy, you need to do on page SEO work. This is referring to anything done on your actual website itself. On page strategy is a key part of the training I offer.

And in terms of on page SEO specifically, content is king.

The goal with content (the text and images on your website) is not only to make sure Google understands what exactly each webpage is all about, but also how each page on your site relates to the other pages. I used a very clear content structure as part of my on page SEO strategy.

The SEO training I offer includes education about keywords. I show examples of the exact keywords I chose for my websites, and why. I talk about keyword saturation, keyword variations, keyword research, and all the other details that impacted my decisions. I show real data about which of those decisions were successful. The goal is to do things in a way that is intelligent, user-friendly, and by-the-books as far as Google's guidelines.

Another important element of on page SEO is website architecture. I teach an SEO strategy I used for my car parts website that had a tremendous impact on the amount of free search engine traffic I was getting.

I also cover is mobile optimization. I show how I handled it and what the results were from that decision.

Off Page SEO Help

Another key part of a complete SEO strategy is off page SEO. This refers to SEO work that is done outside of your own website. This, to me, is probably the most fun part of SEO.

One type of off page SEO effort is getting publicity for your website. The SEO help I offer includes a ton of ideas for how to get that publicity.

And these ideas aren't just theoretical ones. They are things I've done before and that were critical to my success. I show examples of the exact types of publicity I got for my car parts website, how I could tell which types were important for SEO, and how I obtained them.

That might be one of the most valuable parts of the SEO training that I offer. It's one of the parts of SEO that needs attention over and over if you want to build a flood of SEO traffic.

Another part of off page SEO is managing the "Google stuff".

The Google Suite has a variety of features that help website owners, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The SEO training I offer teaches how you can use these tools to get the maximum impact for your SEO effort.

Ask Me SEO Questions

Aside from the SEO tutorials I offer, I also am available to all subscribers for any questions that come up. If any tutorials leave you with questions, or if you want to ask me something about how the tutorials relate to your specific website, you are welcome to reach out to me any time.

If you have any questions about this service, you can contact me any time.