Long Term SEO

If you're interested in doing SEO to create a major ongoing revenue stream for your website, then you might need to engage in a long term SEO effort in order to be successful at that.

On the journey I took to becoming an SEO expert, I found out quickly that getting major, sustainable free Google traffic wasn't going to be easy or quick. If you're looking for overnight success, SEO might not be a good avenue for you.

In my experience, it takes time and patience to for SEO to have a truly profound impact on your business. If you are prepared for a long term journey, then you might improve your odds of having SEO success.

The payouts can be huge. I generated more than $10 million of revenues from my SEO efforts for a car parts website I own. I did varying degrees of SEO work for more than a decade to generate those sales.

Beating the Competition

In today's world there are tons of competitors out there for almost every major keyword, and if you want to be listed higher in search engine results than them, then you'll probably need to be better at SEO than them.

Having a good SEO strategy to begin with is key, but another key is doing SEO work for the long term. If you keep doing the work and "climbing that mountain", year after year, then you are going to be tough to beat and you might very well earn a near-permanent spot in search engine results, just like I did with my car parts business.

Long Term SEO is an Investment

Another reason long term SEO is beneficial is that compared to other ways of getting your website in front of people, SEO ends up being more like an investment than an advertising expense. Yes there is a cost involved with doing SEO, but the SEO cost doesn't just get you visibility "today". It plants the seeds to give you visibility over time.

So for example, whereas with a Facebook ad a dollar spent might get you in front of two people today and that's it, with SEO that same dollar spent might get you in front of many people but spread over time. That's because SEO work is additive; if you establish an SEO foundation today, that same work has benefit tomorrow as well.

So over time, the payoff of your SEO work might get bigger and bigger if you keep putting in the time and resources. In other words, you could put in the same amount of time each year, yet the "per-year" returns you get might grow bigger and bigger due to the additive effect of SEO. Long term SEO can therefore have a growing financial effect over time.

The challenge with SEO is that if you put only a small amount of time and resources into it, there is a chance you'll never get any exposure and no one will see you. With Facebook ads on the other hand, even if you spend literally just one dollar, at least you know your ad will be seen.

So that's the tradeoff you face with SEO. If you want to have a successful SEO strategy, you have to be ready to commit to a long term SEO effort. Otherwise it could very well be a waste of your resources if you start doing SEO but pull the plug early.

My Experience with Long Term SEO

With the car parts business I own, I started doing SEO for it back in 2001. I worked on it regularly for more than a decade. I definitely saw results along the way. Our sales also went up 15-fold over that decade.

During that period, I didn't see results from my efforts on Day 1, or even Day 30, but within the first year I could tell the SEO effort was working, and I kept my foot on the gas. The payout has been huge - more than $10 million of verifiable Organic Search revenues.

So if you're looking to generate premier SEO results for your business like I did, then be prepared for a marathon. The role I'll play is teaching you how to go about doing long term SEO for your website just like I did for my car parts website. Ultimately it's totally up to you what you do with the SEO training that I provide, and I'm here to support you regardless.